School Volunteer Program

Mission CISD ensures a quality and equitable education for our community of learners by providing the necessary academic, social and technological knowledge and skills to become successful lifelong learners and productive citizens.
The Parental Involvement Department at Mission Consolidated Independent School District is committed to providing a quality and equitable education for our community of learners by actively engaging families in their children’s education, encouraging regular, two way communications with the schools and community, and ensuring practices meet the highest standards.
1. To provide a number of ways for members of the community to become involved in and to support our schools; thus visibly recognizing the community’s stake in the schools and the vital role played by the school within the community
2. To celebrate public education as an integral part of our community by recognizing and utilizing the wealth of competence available and by enhancing the community’s awareness of its responsibility for maintaining and improving public education.
3. To increase the availability of human and fiscal resources to the schools and adult education program development.
4. To enable and encourage educators to address ideas, create approaches and solutions for improved measures in bringing about more effective education for all students in the community.
Building Relationships And Volunteer Opportunities (BRAVO)
Volunteer Program
The district encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with the school and students. We believe that volunteers in schools enrich the educational program, enhance supervision of students, and contribute to school safety while strengthening the schools' relationships with the community.
School volunteers are required to attend orientation and training sessions offered by the campus community liaison. These sessions are designed to help them feel more comfortable in the volunteer setting and provide additional information which will enhance the success of every volunteer’s work.
No volunteer shall be assigned to provide supervision or instruction of students unless
he/she has submitted evidence of an examination within the past 60 days to determine that
he/she is highly qualified to support instruction. Volunteers providing supervision/instruction of students shall also give evidence of basic skills proficiency.
The principal will make the final determination of whether a volunteer’s services are needed, and will decide when an acting volunteer’s services are no longer needed.
The principal may ask any volunteer who violates district or school rules to leave the campus. Upon receiving such a notice, the volunteer shall promptly and peacefully leave the campus.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at a specific campus, fill out the following form and provide it to the campus community liaison: