Mission Jr. High School Home

Principal's Message

As principal of Mission Jr. High, I would like to extend an invitation to all parents to visit Mission Jr. High. Our purpose is to have teachers, parents and all staff work together as a team so that we can better prepare our students for tomorrow's challenges. 

Upcoming Events

Students First * Innovation * Collaborative Ownership
Diversity * Continuous Learning
Our Vision: Mission CISD will prepare and inspire all students to be equipped to excel in the college and career of their choice, dominate 21st century skills in leadership, knowledge, language, and technology to compete in a global economy and serve as successful citizens in their community.

Fast Facts

  • Open enrollment full-day pre-K
  • 1,076 Professional Certifications Earned by Students
  • 12,000 College hours earned by class of 2017
  • Robotics Programs compete Nationally