Cheerleading/Drill Team

Mission Jr. High Cheerleaders/Drill Team
Sponsor D. Briseno and A. Mirelez

This summer the MJH Cheer and Dance team participated in a Showtime International Home Camp. The team walked away with numerous awards, including being named an All American Team which is an invitation for the team to participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Individual awards included Kick Club, Most Admired Dancer of the Day and Ms. Showtime.


Kick Club Awards went to Kaylee Femat, Valentina Zuniga, and Valentina Garcia


Ms. Showtime Awards went to Valentina Zuniga, Sara Rivera and Kaylee Femat


Most Admired Dancer of the Day were: Amaris Martinez, Sara Rivera and Leah Sotelo


The MJH Cheer and Dance Team are under the direction of Mrs. Briseno and Ms. Mirelez