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Maps, Graphs & Charts

A+ Maps, Graphs & Charts

The maps, graphs & charts contest is designed to help students learn to get information from a variety of maps, graphs and charts including world maps, pie charts, bar charts and local area maps. The objective test will measure skills such as using a reference book to locate information, making comparisons, estimating and approximating, using scale and interpreting grid systems, legends and keys.

Students will be given an objective test containing approximately 75 multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions which must be answered in 45 minutes.

The official source for Maps, Graphs & Charts is the Nystrom Desk Atlas, 2008 edition. Students may also use any other atlas they choose, but the test questions are written using this source.

The 2008 edition of the atlas was the last time significant revisions were made. There have been additional newer copyright dates since then, but with only minor revisions. For contest purposes, any atlas with a 2008 or newer copyright is the current edition.