Red Ribbon Week Daily Themes

Monday, Oct. 23: "Team up Against Drugs"
                              Wear Favorite Team Shirt or Jersey
Tuesday, Oct 24: "Be a Superhero and Say No to Drugs"
                              Wear Favorite Superhero Shirt or Red Shirt
Wednesday, Oct 25: UNITY DAY: Together against bullying. United for Kindness, acceptance 
                                                       and inclusion. Make it ORANGE and make it end!
                                   Wear Orange or Anti-Bullying Shirt
Thursday, Oct 26: "Join the Fight Against Drugs"
                               Wear Camouflage or Red, White, and Blue shirt.
Friday, Oct 27: "Drugs and I Don't Mix so My Future is Bright"
                         Wear Mix Matched Clothing/Bright clothing and/or Colored Jeans
***Students are allowed to be out of uniform for the shirt only from Monday-Thursday.***
***Students wear their uniform blue jeans everyday except on Friday.***
***If students decide not to participate they need to be in complete uniform.***