MJHS Students Competed at TMSCA State Meet

The following are the students with their rankings:
6th grade
Amanda Lozoya - 2nd Place Calculators
Sarah Martinez - 2nd Place Calculators
Ethan Zamora - 12th Place Calculators
Matthew Gallardo - 13th Place Calculators
Brandon Molina - 16th Place Calculators, 24th Place Number Sense & 58th Place Math
Kaylee Gordon - 22nd Place Calculators
Dylan Perez - 24th Place Calculators
7th Grade
Mariano Garcia - 4th Place Science
Nicolas Torres - 5th Place Calculator
Sebastian Torres - 5th Place Calculator
Emma Zamora - 10th Place Calculator
Kathryn Keller - 26th Place Science
Kyle Pruneda -  44th Place Math & 77th Place Number Sense
Paulina Arizpe - 47th Place Science
Alyssa Gonzalez - 58th Place Science
Juan Mejia - 68th Place Science
Jacob Dominguez - 71th Place Science
Rebecca Alejos - 92nd Place Number Sence
Jackie Padilla - 106th Place Number Sense
8th Grade
Maielah Davis - 2nd Place Calculator
Lucas Dovalina - 2nd Place Science
Clarissa Arizpe - 16th Place Science
Eddie Rivera - 20th Place Calculator
 Thank you students and coaches for all the time and effort you have invested!